One grows or dies. There is no third possibility.

Oswald Spengler (1880-1936)


Many people experience psychological and emotional difficulties that cause discomfort in their lives, either in their relationships, families, or at work. Psychotherapy is a process that facilitates a journey inwards and explores the deeper aspects of both the conscious and unconsciousness. Psychotherapy is usually medium to long term and takes place within a safe, confidential, and affirming setting with the support of a highly qualified and professionally trained psychotherapist. We are trained to work in a variety of different approaches depending on the client’s needs, however our primary modality is psychodynamic psychotherapy which explores how our early/past experiences influence the way we make sense and meaning of our lives in the present. In addition to a psychodynamic psychotherapy approach, we also draw from our toolkit of other modalities such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, Jungian, and Gestalt psychotherapy wherever it may be appropriate.

Some of the issues clients seek therapy for include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Sexuality
  • Issues related to self-esteem and self-worth
  • Stress and/or burnout
  • Grief and loss
  • Abuse – physical, emotional, sexual
  • Unsatisfying or destructive relationships
  • Coping with difficult life experiences
  • Confusion, self-doubt and identity issues
  • Addictions
  • Working through emotional pain
  • Pervasive feelings of meaninglessness or emptiness
  • Gaining insight and understanding of how past patterns affect you now
  • Immigration and adjustment problems
  • Mental health issues

Psychotherapy can be supportive and/or exploratory and may be extremely helpful for those individuals who seek to know and understand themselves better. Levels of self-awareness increase about one’s desires, needs, beliefs, and motivations that lie just outside of consciousness.